Sunday, January 31, 2010

Good Times

Me and the Bolt at a local gathering some time last year.

Love This Bike

One of my all time favorite motorcycles.


Rock and roll over. Great album!

Sick Truck

The Super duper Bowl is in town. Gigantic Roman numerals says so on the beach.


The local wanna be's. Whats the P for? Poser?


This thing had a loud as supercharger on it. Everytime he stepped on the gas the whole truck would lunge and you could hear the sweet whistle!

Monster Power

I gotta get one of these motors!


Enough said.

Rebuilding The Buell

Pictures from when I was "freshening up" the M2 Cyclone a couple years ago. She now has just about 40K miles on her and is running stronger than ever. Of course she's not exactly stock anymore. Cams, head work, ignition and a few other goodies make her a handfull now! This is by far one of the most fun bikes I have ever owned. Its a keeper!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Sittin Pretty!



I love stickers!

Road Attack's

New rubber is always good. In more ways than one!

Are You Ready?

There is just something so soothing about this picture.

Secret Sauce

This stuff is awesome! Hot, but with the sweetness of tango. Delicious for sure!